Compliance Quality Monitoring

Your contact center recordings are a critical component of your compliance and liability management programs. They can provide the information you need to handle disputes, verify transactions, and confirm sequences of events. That’s why your organization requires a robust, enterprise-class contact center recording solution that captures all of your interactions and makes them available to the people who need them whenever they need them.

Recording for Large, Multi-Site, Virtual, and Outsourced Contact Centers

Televoice Contact Center Recording Solutions designed to improve quality in the contact center and company wide — in every department that shapes customer satisfaction, retention, and value. With full-time recording, powerful quality monitoring, compliance/liability management, rich reports, and an intuitive, dashboard-style interface, it helps contact centers increase operational effectiveness, as they improve the customer experience.

Audio and Screen Recording with Selective Retention and Archive

Our solutions captures, stores, analyzes, and manages your contact center interactions to help you comply with industry regulations and reduce liability and loss. You can efficiently record and play back every contact center call in its entirety – both audio and agent screens. Using selective retention and archiving options let you retain your recordings in line with your corporate and legal mandates, so that the recordings you need are always available.

Flexible, Reliable, and Industry Standard with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Our solutions are built on a non-proprietary, industry-standard platform, making it an ideal compliance and liability recording solution for practically any organization, from single-site contact centers to multi-site, global enterprises and hosted service bureaus. Again, at its core is an open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) with modular layers containing the functional elements of the system, from audio recording to analytics to quality monitoring.